How Much Does a Greenhouse Cost?

How much does a green house cost

Greenhouse Cost:

Greenhouse is a structure with a transparent roof and sides that provides a regulated environment for plants to thrive in. It is suitable for plants that require regulated climatic conditions because the inside is exposed to sunshine and allows for year-round cultivation.

Greenhouses can range in size from a shack to an industrial-sized structure. Most hardware stores sell greenhouse-building kits, but if you want something larger and more customized, hiring a professional can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000, or almost $15,000 on average.

Type of costAmount
  Average Cost   $15,000
Highest Cost  $25,000
Lowest Cost   $2,500

1. Greenhouse Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of building a greenhouse will increase with its size, but not exponentially. Large commercial greenhouses cost between $2 & $4 per square foot, whereas standard mid-sized greenhouses cost $25 per square foot.

2. Material Cost

Greenhouses are simple constructions that consist of a frame, siding, and a floor. These components can be built of many materials such as wood, steel, glass, concrete, and plastic. The greenhouse frame, made of solid wood or steel, serves as the structure’s support system. Wood framing costs about $1 per linear foot, while steel framing costs about $2.50 per linear foot.

The cladding of a greenhouse is very important since it protects plants from the elements while allowing sunlight to nurture them.

A common Greenhouse Flooring choice costs $2 per square foot. It helps to insulate the building while suppressing weed growth and preventing pests from entering and harming plants. Whatever material you choose, it must permit outflow.

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Cost of Greenhouse Materials

Wood Frame   $1.00
Glass Siding $2.50
Steel Frame    $2.50
Brick Flooring   $5.00
Stone Flooring     $6.00
Rolled Rubber Flooring $2.00
Concrete Flooring $2.00-$6.00
Polyethylene Siding $0.12

3. Greenhouse Cost based on Type

Here are the expected expenses for several greenhouse types:

Greenhouse cost

Lean-to Greenhouse

  • Tiny lean-to models cost about $400.
  • Bigger lean-to models cost between $1,500 & $5,000.

Free-standing Greenhouse

  • Small free-standing models: around $500
  • Bigger free-standing models cost between $2,000 & $10,000.

Greenhouse Attachment

  • Small attached models start at roughly $1,000.
  • Bigger attached variants range in price from $3,000 to $15,000.

Greenhouse Dome

  • Tiny dome models cost about $1,500.
  • Bigger dome types range in price from $5,000 to $20,000.

Glass Greenhouse

  • Tiny glass models cost roughly $2,000 each.
  • Bigger glass variants range in price from $10,000 to $50,000.

Please keep in mind that these are only estimates, and the actual cost will depend on a variety of factors such as the size, materials, and features of the greenhouse.

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