The Importance of Battery Backup for Solar Panels

battery backup
Battery backup for Solar Panels:

The world is looking for more renewable energy resources to reduce the carbon footprint. Solar panels are becoming a popular source of energy for Homes, Institutions & Businesses. Here some questions arise: “A Solar Panel system produces electricity when exposed to Sunlight “but what happens when the Sun goes down?” How will the system then work? Do I need a battery for my solar system?”

Here is how the battery backup system works: it stores excess energy produced by solar panels for later use. In this blog post, we will cover different aspects related to the battery backup system.

Table of content:

  • What is a Solar Battery Backup System?
  • Types of Batteries
  • How does it work?
  • What are the benefits of a battery backup system?
  • Key points to selecting a battery system

1. What is a solar battery backup system?

Battery Backup for Solar Panels is like a storage box for energy. It is a setup of batteries that stores excess energy produced by the Solar Panels so it does not get wasted. The stored energy from this backup power source can be used at night time ,cloudy days & when the sun goes down.

The Battery Backup System is like the backbone of the Solar Power System which helps increase the overall efficiency and reliability of the system.

2. Types of Batteries:

There are several types of backup power systems each with their unique benefits & Features. Here are some most commonly used Battery system types:

Lead Acid:

These are the low-cost Battery Backup Systems made up of Lead & Lead Oxide submerged in an electrolyte solution.T hey can store a large amount of current & are most reliable.

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Nickel-Cadmium batteries are made up of Nickel & Cadmium plates submerged in an electrolyte solution. They contain toxic heavy metals, require special charging equipment & are more expensive than Lead Batteries. 


These batteries are lighter in weight, small in size & can store more energy. They are made up of Lithium-Ion cells & have a longer lifespan than others. They are quite expensive compared to other batteries.


They are rechargeable batteries & store energy in Liquid Electrolytes. They have longer lifespans and are more efficient. Also, they are more expensive than other battery types.


These batteries use Saltwater Electrolytes to store energy. They are less toxic & environment friendly. They are new types of batteries & can be more expensive.

3. How does it works:

It works by storing the excess energy produced by the solar panels. During the day, the solar panels absorb most of the sunlight & generate energy , here the need of battery backup system arises. This system stores the energy in three steps. 

battery backup for solar panels
  • Electricity Production: Solar Panel absorbs sunlight & generates electricity.
  • Controls the Charge: Charge Controller controls the charge from the solar panel & ensures that the batteries are not Overcharged / Undercharged.
  • Batteries: Excess energy produced by panels is stored in the battery & will further be transferred to the inverter when there is a demand of energy. 
  • Inverter: The main purpose of inverters is to convert the Direct Current(DC) stored in the batteries to Alternate Current(AC) which can be used by home appliances or businesses.
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4. What are the benefits of Battery Backup System:

To fulfill the needs of electricity Batteries Backup System is playing an important role. It includes several benefits some of them are as listed below:

Energy Independence:

This system allows you to fulfill your energy needs by producing & saving energy & making you independent of the grid.

Money Saving:

As you are using the naturally produced electricity to power your homes & businesses, automatically less grid energy will be used, resulting in a certain reduction in your electricity bills.


These batteries are a good alternative to generators that use gasses & fossil fuels to generate electricity, resulting in the emission of harmful gasses. It also produces no noise, just like other generators.

5. Key Points To Choose The Right Battery System:

There are some points you must consider before installing the Battery Backup System.

  1. Select a battery with Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly materials.
  2. Always check the Capacity & Voltage According to the Load & System requirements.
  3. Look for the one that will come with Longlife, Replaceable parts & Easy Maintenance
  4. Choose a battery that is designed with Safety features (overcharge,  undercharge, and short circuit protection).
  5. Select the best battery that meets your requirements within your Budget.

Here we discussed some points which will guide you if you are going to install a battery system for your solar panels.

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